Approximate Tide Predictions | Times & Areas 2012

FISHING TERMS & CONDITIONS - Please refer to official rules for more detailed  information.                         

Contestants may proceed to their chosen position on the beach after they have purchased and registered their tickets and can not commence fishing until advertised times (however the hours and times fished are optional to contestants). A contestant commencing fishing outside these times shall be disqualified. Contestants may place one rod holder only to mark their fishing spot. Any contestant who places more than one rod holder to mark their spot will be in breach of the rules. Fishing must be carried out within the designated marked areas only.

NOTE: Contestants with fish to be weighed must be at the Head Quarters (H.Q.) Weigh-In cordoned area prior to the Prize Giving Start Times. Take note of the approximate "Travel Time" from fishing areas back to Head Quarters Weigh-In.

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MARCH 2012

Tide Times Tide Height Fishing
Start Time
Prize Giving
Start Times
Fishing Area

Approx. Travel Time
To H.Q Weight-In

TUESDAY 13th 1:30am High


7:00am 3:00pm 2

45 Minutes to
1 ½ Hours


Low 0.5M


High 3.3M


Low 0.5M 


2:20am High 3.3M 7:00am



45 Minutes to
1 ½ Hours



2:50pm High 3.1M
9:10pm Low 0.7M
THURSDAY 15th 3:20am High 3.0M 7:00am 2:00pm 1 20 Minutes
9:45am Low 0.9M
4:00pm High 2.9M
10:10pm Low 0.9M
FRIDAY 16th 4:35am High 2.9M 7:00am 4:00pm 3

45 Minutes

11:00am Low 1.0M
5:15pm High 2.8M
11:30am Low 1.0M
SATURDAY 17th 5:55am High 2.9M 7:00am 4:00pm 3

45 Minutes

12:20pm Low 1.0M
6:35pm High 2.8M

NOTE: For the safety of the contestants the organisers reserve the right to adjust the days fishing areas and hours. Please refer to your Official Tournament Guide (which you will receive at registration) for any revised hours. NOTE: The next days fishing times will also be confirmed at the daily prize giving.


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